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WE remain on the forefront of conducting global market analysis and targeting potential business opportunities with a particular emphasis on Equity markets. Capital trading consultation has put us in a pivotal role to cultivate solid professional relationships, inspire client loyalty, and foster a progressive flow of continuously increasing success.


Investment bulls. is a licensed investment advisory firm under the rules and regulations of Securities and exchange board of India. The following disclosures are provided regarding Advisor’s background and business practices, Advisor may recommend to Client the purchase of securities, managed accounts, and/or the purchase of products underwritten. When doing so, Advisor would be entitled to receive a fee on the sale or purchase of any of those products. Under such circumstance, Advisor would have a financial interest in the transaction and may therefore have a conflict of interest in furnishing asset management services to the extent that such recommendations are implemented. Client hereby consents and agrees that the Advisor is a registered representative.


This contract will remain in effect until completion of the financial planning . It will remain in effect for a period of one year for on-going consultation services or qualified retirement plan consultation services.