Trade Tips

Once the money is transferred to brokers account; one can put trade online or offline with the broker.

Amount You Want To Invest

Once you have opened a trading account. You have to transfer amount to your trading account.

Growth Strategy

Investing in companies which are experiencing or expecting faster than average growth is called growth strategy.

Understand Your Profile

There are multiple investment products with different risk and return. When it comes to investing.

Risk Profile

Generally higher the age and financial obligations lower the risk profile.However, one can learn risk profiling through various free online tools.

Demat Account

Demat account is a type of account where shares are held in electronic form, thereby eliminates the need for physical paper certificates.

Value Strategy

Strategy focussed on investing mature companies growing at a low rate that industry.which are available below their intrinsic value is known as value strategy.


Everyone in the stock market came to make money but 99% of them loses because lack of education.

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